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Hosting Your Next Event

We offer Integrated and Private Parties
For Private Parties you can either choose one of the venues we already use, or choose one of your own and we will come to you there, the cost for up to 20 skaters is £150.00, this includes all the boots, safety equipment, disco music, lights and staff, however please note it does not include the cost of the hall hire. 
If you wish to have more than 20 skaters, no problem, we will charge an additional £5.00 for every extra skater.
For Integrated Parties where you join one of our existing sessions we can reserve boots so as to get you speedy entry, the cost is the normal £5 entry and £2 boot hire.
For either option we will offer you a personalised party invitation set via email.
If you would like a group lesson for either an Integrated or Private Event by one of our qualified instructors this can be arranged too, cost to be agreed depending on numbers, so please arrange this at the time of booking.
We stock over 200 pairs of skates, no party is too big or too small!  
As always if you have any questions please drop us an email!


For more info on how to book your private event please email